Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving has come and gone...and I slept the entire day, I mean, what else do i do?? haha
I was thanking the Lord for my sweet Basil who kept me company in bed that day :)
And now it's Xmas time (and my bday month;) A girl from work gave me a lil fake xmas tree with lights and decorations on it! I love sits on my kitchen counter...I love the holidays! I'm going to Chicago this wkend, and rumor has it it's gonna snow! Crossing my fingers...I would love to play in some snow, and would love to see what Basil would do in the snow.
Also, I woke up today w/ a scratchy I'm sipping on some green and lemon tea...I have yet to be sick this year, can't let it happen!
As far as my travel assignments....welllll, there are lots of opportunities in upstate NY and Boston and Alaska, and really really cold, snowy places....brrrr. Is this a sign?? lol-who knows where I'll end up. Tia, I can relate to you and feeling the uncertainties of life...I'm living the "spur of the moment" "get up and go" lifestyle that's for sure! And sometimes I think, "what am I really doing?" haha..
I'm just living life....writing a story with my life.. :)

Hope everyone had a great and warm Thanksgiving!
Thank you Lord for life, good health, and for the rising sun everyday.

Oooo can't wait to be home in 3 weeks!!!


  1. Sarah Sarah! I keep missing you! (doesn't help my phone doesn't work in my house :p)

    Can I request that you NOT go somewhere cold and instead opt out for somewhere on the West Coast? Or at least do CO so you can ski :) There are soo many places out there! And I promise, you do NOT want to be in Upstate, NY this time of the year.. hehe.

    Hope you had fun in Chicago! We def. need to catch up. Maybe we can manage to catch each other during my 7 hour drive down to FL :)

    Love you!

  2. I know Tia, you're prob right...haha. I def want to go to the west will just be REALLY expensive to fly back for Kelly's bach party and then her wedding 2 weeks later...I really want to be there for the bach party! Who knows, maybe not...I have a feeling I will be getting my next assignment right before xmas...oh, and we had snow flurries here earlier tonight, but didn't stick. Yes, call me on your drive Friday...i'll be on the road to Chicago Friday afternoon, so I'll try you then :)

    Love you!