Tuesday, November 17, 2009

my first tat!

So, yall know I just got my first tattoo! I'm lovin it...it's healing up very nicely :) it makes me so happy...happy to remember and celebrate the life of my dad everyday, and think about how my life has been so impacted by him, AND to have amazing conversations with my sister like I had earlier tonight b/c of this tattoo ;)

So, i must say...wow, i've never felt pain like that before...it's hard to describe and put into words...i think it was good for me though -in retrospect. the tattoo only took like 15 min, but i swear, i have never before been more focused on my breathing! haha. i'm sure i was hilarious looking...i couldn't even talk or think about anything except..inhale SLOWLY, exhale. repeat. lol
by the end, when Mo did the coloring...I was good. I was able to hold a conversation and breathe at the same time. I was impressed w/ all those ppl sittin in there for hours gettin sleeves, and their entire backs inked.

*good things come in small packages, and sometimes with a lil (or a hell of alotta) pain! lol

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