Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Sister's Keeper

I read this book almost 2 yrs ago, and just saw the movie tonight. It was amazing...very real, raw, emotional..I've never cried so much during a movie. Everyone should watch this movie (with a box of tissues) It makes me love my family even more, and reminds me of my family when my dad was sick for those 11 months. I remember saying goodbye to my dad in his hospital room, not sure what I said...but I know I was at his bedside while he was dying, and I remember how each of my family members reacted, and what they all said.

Dad...I know I didn't say these words then...but I always think about now..I hope you're waiting for me... and I hope you didn't hurt or feel any pain those last few months and weeks. And although I was not ready to lose you, I knew you were very sick, and very tired of being sick and suffering the ways I witnessed. And even though I was only 13 yrs old...I still knew you were dying...I hate that I was so numb, and didn't know the words to say, or the feelings to feel at the time...but One day Dad, one day...I hope you're waiting.

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