Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This will probably make most of you laugh out loud, but yes, tonight I discovered another form of fitness, esp for the core---Zumba. I was very hesitant, but some girl approached me at the gym and asked if I wanted to come to her class. It was fun...Zumba is inspired by Latin music...it's a lot of dance- salsa, african, and whatever else I was trying to do. lol! it was def a challenge, and i think i may have sweated more in the hour long class than i do running. Anyway, we will see if i keep up with this zumba thing, but it was a fun experience, and something different, to say the least :)

(i need to find some more dancing in this city...i'm sure i won't find any shagging) haha


  1. im just happy you didnt mention more vaginal discharge! Keep on dancing buddy...maybe just maybe you will catch up with me:-)

  2. I am now obsessed with Zumba! Such a good workout haha! Too bad we can't do it together!