Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm a slacker..

So.... I'm blogging about how I need to blog more! haha..I feel like I'm way behind on this blogging thing...I just have so much to say, and I def need to post some pics of my fun times in St Louis so far! Today has been a much better day than the past 2 days...I had my first real "blah" days here, and I'm thinking not seeing the sun for 5 days straight may have had something to do with it. Today the sun is shining, still chilly, but at least I have the sun on my face :) It feels so good. My Tigers finally won a game too! Go Tigers!
My days in St Louis have been filled with lots of exploring the city- parks, more parks, the zoo, the art museum, local bars and coffeeshops, live music, meeting new people. I'm waiting for my mom and granny to come to explore more of the "touristy" places, like the Arch (which is hot pink this month for breast cancer awareness)
Oh, and of course the glorious Emergency Room (can you hear my sarcasm) uhh, i'm really struggling to find the good nurse in me right ignorant, rude, impatient, uncooperative patients have really been wearing on me...and i'm running dry of my understanding and sensitivity. It really really discourages me at times, esp this past week. I really do love my job, when I actually feel like I'm able to do my job. Maybe I just really really need to go to Uganda or some third world country to help renew my passion for nursing again...haha. But then I think, this WILL always be our society...people who want power, and a sense of entitlement, and control and selfishness. And even I am guilty of wanting those things at times, but I hope that I can be humbled and focused on more than just myself. Anyway, I have a lot to be thankful for, and in the wee hours of the night when I'm wrestling with another intoxicated, belligerant patient, I hope to be reminded that their vaginal discharge, or their back pain x 5 years is an "emergency" in their eyes...and I just take a deep breath and roll with it....keep pushing on and wondering, "is it 7am yet?"
Cheers to Emergency Nurses Week this past week...I am fortunate and grateful for all my fellow nurses out there! It's not an easy job....and def not as glamorous as Grey's Anatomy or House like to portray it :)
And cheers to all my S.C peeps and family- I miss all you guys! Love yall!

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  1. haha you said vaginal discharge on your blog! :)

    Hang in there, Sarah! You are a great nurse and all good things come back around. I'm excited that you're meeting some interesting people in St. Louis! Love hearing your stories... keep them coming!